Casino Update!

Dear Community, we love all of you, and that's why we are coming to you with our most important decision yet as the team of Meta House Mafia.

To get right to the point, and to save you a long read/explanation, then by all means, just read this. The basic summary of the situation is Vegas City and Decentral Games effectively shut down crypto casino operations in Decentraland because of a Polygon issue. Because of the issue, all casinos went down in Decentraland, and so did the communications between the MHM team over 2 weeks with Vegas City. We decided to pursue a traditional online casino that will be operable in 6 to 8 weeks via DOT.iGAMING, with our very own custom Crypto Casino.

Want to know more? Please keep reading to see how we got here…

Let us first describe what has been happening behind the scenes and how we made this decision. Over the past two weeks, we have had to pivot into setting up a traditional online casino (exactly like Gambling Apes casino today) because of developments in Vegas City, Decentral Games, Polygon, etc.

Decentral Games seems to have had some glitches in their payment system, i.e., their use of the Polygon Network. This Decentral Games message from their Discord from February:

"Polygon is still experiencing severe issues with all our main and backup RPC nodes. This continues to cause degraded performance on our website (application error white screen) and ICE Poker in the metaverse (not being able to detect wearables in your wallet to check-in). We have been swapping out the RPCs as they go down to fresh ones, but it appears that those go down shortly after switching over. Sometimes a simple refresh will fix the issue, but this is not a long-term solution. We will continue to look for solutions with the Polygon team and will keep you posted – we apologize for the inconvenience."

Polygon taking down Decentral Games cascaded directly into Vegas City, and all the Metaverse casinos are currently operating in Vegas City, mainly using Decentral Games gaming tables. Decentral Games had to suspend crypto gambling because of a Polygon Network, taking down all the crypto Casinos within Decentraland. Currently, Vegas City is in the midst buyback offer for investors of Vegas City, so we haven't received a response from them in over 2 weeks. This was troubling to us, so we decided that we felt it was best for the Community and for us to fulfill our promises as a Casino project.

Because of this new development, and for obvious reasons, we had to look at all our Casino options. After lots of market research and meetings with everyone from independent Decentrland builders to different gambling license consultants & company offerings, we concluded that it was not feasible to build an operating casino in the near future. We quickly discovered that there is 1 option on the table, and that's to move forward with launching a traditional casino to start Casino operations in a much faster period (6 to 8 weeks) that will include licensing in Curacao. We are building our online crypto casino with any game we would like to place inside. From slot machines to poker and blackjack and everything in between, we will have a custom online casino that we can fully market and create a source of profit share from the casino operations directly through your wallet.

DOT.iGAMING will help build our custom online casino with our own back office, payment terminals, tech support, analytics, a CRM, and a custom website that can handle heavy user traffic, our very own Meta House Mafia Casino.

Our Casino will be up and running and ready to take on customers, but you will also have a say in what games are chosen, helping us decide the look and feel of what we can to have customized visually and brand-wise. You will also earn rake for gambling in our Casino (to be determined over the coming weeks as we build and become a licensed casino and business in Curacao).

Our Casino could build a more significant user revenue and crypto payouts that will directly benefit you from casino operations. We plan on building, structuring, and marketing one of the most successful NFT DAOs and crypto casino operations globally, regardless of whether we are in a bear or bull market.

The Casino will not only help build a robust treasury to help us build all of our phases, but it will also lead to us slowly purchasing and building our Metaverse casino, with our land, our games, and our destiny as a community-owned brand and casino empire directly in our hands.

We will have a Twitter space tonight at 7 p.m. EST to discuss our plans next steps and answer your questions. So be sure to read this article, and bring us some questions.

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