We're a Community NFT DAO & Brand building an Empire in the Metaverse.

The Meta House Mafia

Meta House Mafia is an exclusive member organization of 5,000 unique Mafia NFTs who live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Mafiosi allows its owner to vote for initiatives & experiences paid for by the Meta House Mafia Community Treasury.


Strength in numbers. Our DAO is a community network that can move markets.


Our Home, our clubhouse, the epicenter of the new Internet frontier — Web3

Gaming & Casino

MHM will acquire a virtual estate and e-gaming license to build a luxury Metaverse gaming experience where our entire family, the Mafioso, gets a piece of the pie.

The Art + Utility

5,000 unique Mafiosi NFTs with over 340 unique elements.

1 MHM NFTs = 1 Exclusive Transferrable Membership into the Meta House Mafia

1 MHM = Community Benefits and Rewards.



Heads of the Meta House Mafia Family & Most Rare.

Each Don has a unique gold background, the large Purple Lapel and one-of-a-kind Don ring portraying their rank.

Don's cannot be minted, only earned through collecting the appropriate subsequent pieces.



Strategic Counsel & Wisdom.

Each Consigliere is characterized by their unique background, Spider Lapel and shoulder animals signifying their strength.



Second in Command.

Every Underboss has their unique background and Scorpion Lapel, whereas the rarer ones also possess shoulder animals.



Captains Heading up a Crew of Soldiers.

Caporegimes are characterized by their unique, high-ranking background and a combination of rarer elements.



Button Men and Metaverse Muscle.

Second up the MHM chain, Soldiers unique combination of elements make them a valuable asset to the family.



Goodfellas and Friends of the Family.

The most common, but unique pieces.

The Meta House Mafia Metaverse Gaming District

Joining the MHM Family provides you with an exclusive membership into a mighty crew of Wise Guys, Builders, and Creatives who are building a gaming empire together in the Metaverse. MHM's first act will be to establish a virtual estate, obtain a gaming license, and create a gaming experience inside the Metaverse. 


We are creating a family of builders that have specialties. Just like the 5 crime families of the New York Italian Mafia, we see individual interests and contributions lie in different areas and competencies. We are capturing the best talent for our DAO and community to provide each family the ability to propose specialty projects for funding.

  Phase 1:
Gaming & Casino
Obtain a legal gambling license & build the Casino.

Launch the community DAO governance structure where the community will vote on how treasury funds are spent.

Phase 2: Merchandising
We continue our growth by designing and releasing luxury items, premium clothing and other exclusive items.

Everything's on the table as we move to bring a line of merchandise where the community will have first access to and help ideate, create and build. 

Phase 3: Real Estate
Create an exclusive social club in the Meatspace (real world) where members can visit and hang out.

We'll host, concerts, parties, community-only events and more.

Phase 4: Tech
As a community, we'll stay on the bleeding edge of what is possible, augmented reality, virtual reality, cloning/burns, potential derivate projects exclusive to MHM NFT holders.
Phase ∞: Conquer & Earn
Build whatever the F%@$ we want, because The Meta House Mafia Always Wins. 


The Don
Project Lead
Creative Architect, Content
Cashmere Con
Art Director, Social Media
Partner Founder of Crypto Technologies
Abraham Garcia
Lead Artist/Creative
Donny Devs
Blockchain Developer


What is a NFT?

A NFT is a piece of art that lives on the blockchain. Owning them is just like owning a painting, but you own it virtually on the blockchain instead of holding it physically. The Meta House Mafia is a collection of 5,000 different PFPs that will live on the Ethereum blockchain.

How can I buy a Meta House Mafia NFT?

On the launch date, you will be able to mint Meta House Mafia NFT directly on our website, 

When is the launch date? 

Meta House Mafia will go live for Presale for Whitelisted members on Feb 1st, 2022 at 4pm EST, and Public sale on Feb 3rd, 2022 at 7pm EST.

How do I get on the Whitelist, and can I still buy if I'm not on it?

The best way to get on the Whitelist is to join our discord and be engaged in the community. We regularly reward engaged members with Whitelist and hold events where you can earn a Whitelist spot!

Yes, you can still participate in the Public Sale if you are not on the Whitelist.

How much will it cost to mint a Meta House Mafia NFT?

Presale mint cost for Whitelisted members will be 0.06 ETH and for the public sale it will be 0.08 ETH.

What is the utility behind the Meta House Mafia NFTs?

By holding a MHM NFT, you will have voting rights for the community DAO, which determines how the community treasury spends its funds in order to continue growing.

Is the team doxxed?

At the request of the community, we've doxxed one founder (Padrino). We will dox the remaining two founders as the project further develops (Cashmere & The Don). Join our Discord to view the identity.

Join the Discord community and help us Conquer the Metaverse.


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