Meta House Mafia Discord Economy

Meta House Mafia Discord Economy is now Live!

Now live, is our MHM Discord economy built to incentivize and offer more opportunity for our members to Conquer & Earn not only on an individual basis, but for the Family. We're excited and proud to announce this new economy as we have yet to see any other NFT community build an ecosystem where incentives for growth reach down to the roots - each community member. Not only can the entire community grow when incentivizes each community member through our new token $VIG, but community members on an individual basis will be directly rewarded for their efforts that contribute to the overall community growth: a win-win.

Keep reading to understand exactly how to earn and use our new Discord Currency $VIG.

What is $VIG?

The new MHM native Discord currency/token ($VIG) will be used to level up the ranks inside the Meta House Mafia Family (from becoming an Associate level to the high ranking Don), and also used to redeem other perks. $VIG can be earned by various means including completing various daily/weekly tasks such as meme contests, raids, participating in gaming tournaments and chat rooms, and being rewarded by team members for being helpful family members.

By joining the family business, you will be able to open up different gated chat rooms (Associate, Soldier, Caporegime, Underboss, Consigliere, and Don) where you can unlock a new privilege. When you reach the Don Chat Room (the highest ranking member and rank), you will receive 1 Madelist token and access to Al Capone’s Vault. The Vault is a gated chat room and Store for Verified Holders Only (and those who level up through the ranks), where you get access to our Store and finally become a Made Man or Woman.

Al Capone’s Vault: Where $VIG is Stored & Redeemed

Verified and unverified members can earn $VIG in various ways, but the way they are recorded, captured, and stored will be used Al Capone’s Vault, our scoreboard system, and the Storefront chat room that tracks your Token earnings. 

Inside the Vault Chat Room, you can check the inventory of merch left to buy, check your balance, who is top of the leaderboard, and claim your daily $VIG by pressing the ‘Claim’ button in Al Capone’s Vault Section within the MHM Discord.

Ways to Earn $VIG

Engaging within the Community:

To earn $VIG, you need to be active in the discord and help our community prosper.  Our ideology of Conquer & Earn is the basis of our $VIG economy and through this native token, is extended to each Mafiosi prepared to grow with us.  Below is a list of ways to earn $VIG:

Messaging: 1 $VIG per message (capped at 2 $VIG per minute).

Voice Chat: 1 $VIG every five minutes (idle members will be booted).

Invites: 10 $VIG per invited member who joins our discord (make sure to use your own custom invite link to receive credit).

Daily Claim: Claim 5 $VIG just for checking into the discord server in #the-vault (ONLY for Verified MHM Holders).

Boosting: Boosting the server gives you an additional 50% on all $VIG earned.

Tournaments: Earn $VIG by playing & winning in tournaments (e.g., Poker), and by participating in other MHM events.

Username: Having MHM or Mafiosi in your username also grants an additional 50% boost on all $VIG earned.

Participation: Community managers also have the ability to manually provide you $VIG as deemed necessary for any sort of engagement deemed worthy (e.g., helping other community members, etc).

Daily Lottery: Win up to 500 $VIG (daily) by purchasing a raffle ticket (more below)

Twitter Raids:

Users can tweet about the Meta House Mafia and earn 5 $VIG per Tweet!

To participate, tweet anything with the following keywords: 



#mhmpoker (or #metahousepoker)

It doesn't need to have all those words, just one. The more the better obviously because you'll be doing your part in helping grow the community.

Example tweets:

“Conquer & Earn. The #MetaHouseMafia Always Wins.”

“Join the @metahousemafia! A powerful mafia family with over 20k discord members and 900+ active holders. #metahousemafia”

After making a tweet, head to the twitter-claims section of the discord and enter a direct link to your tweet. with nothing else, just the link. No other text, otherwise you'll have to wait ~60 minutes before you can re-claim.

Ways to Spend $VIG

Make sure you spend your money wisely! Once you spend $VIG, there's no getting it back.  You will be able to start collecting points and rewards for your NFT, from airdrops, tokens, and crypto, to things we haven’t even imagined yet. So make sure to join the Family and break bread, and level your way up the Ranks.

Daily Lottery: Spend 100 $VIG for a chance to win 500 $VIG on the daily lottery. 

(Lottery Winners will automatically be announced every 12 hours on the Lottery channel.

• Weekly Raffle: Win a pre-paid gift card, merch, Madelist for future batch minting and more during our weekly raffle contests.

• Ranking up: Earn your stripes as you move up the ranks within the MHM.  Each Rank permits access to their own dedicated room (e.g., Associates are limited to their own room, whereas Dons get access to their dedicated Don room, and every room beneath them.  Each room has its own perks.  Also to rank, you must exchange your $VIG for the rank desired and ranks can only be acquired in order.

• Minting/Purchasing a MHM NFT: Starting at 25k $VIG, you can purchase a MHM NFT through our community treasury. The exact $VIG amount is dependent on the rarity of each NFT and will be priced on a case-by-case basis. The Mod team will support this effort.

*If you are a MHM NFT holder of a certain rank, you can auto rank to the level of your NFT within the Discord using Collabland channel*

Cost & Perks per Rank: 

Associate Room: 50 VIG
10% off of merchandise badge (100 VIG cost)
Buy 1 Raffle Ticket for Daily Lottery (100 VIG cost)

Soldier Room:100 VIG

15% off merchandise badge (150 VIG cost)
Buy 2 Raffle Tickets for Daily Lottery (200 VIG cost)

Caporegime Room: 300 VIG
20% off merchandise badge (200 VIG cost)
Buy up to 3 Raffle Tickets for Daily Lottery (300 VIG cost)

Underboss Room: 350 VIG

35% off merchandise badge (300 VIG cost)
Buy 3 Raffle Tickets for Daily Lottery (300 VIG cost)
Buy 1 Weekly raffle ticket for prizes like pre-paid gift cards, electronics, merch, Madelist (300 VIG cost)

Consigliere Room: 800 VIG
45% off merchandise badge (400 VIG cost)
Buy 4 Raffle Tickets for Daily Lottery (400 VIG cost)
Buy 2 Weekly raffle tickets for prizes like pre-paid gift cards, electronics, merch, Madelist (400 VIG cost)
Buy a discounted Mint price badge (1000 VIG cost)

Don Room: 2000 VIG
Buy 1 piece of merchandise at cost badge (1500 VIG cost)
Buy 5 Raffle Tickets for Daily Lottery (500 VIG cost)
Buy 3 Weekly raffle tickets for prizes like pre-paid gift cards, electronics, merch, Madelist (500 VIG cost)
Exclusive access to us
Buy a discounted Mint price badge (1000 VIG cost)
Direct access to the Godfathers
Non-holders who rank up to Don will get auto-whitelist for future drops

Additional Perks are in progress and being fleshed out - stay tuned.